Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Apply the 5 proven ways to discover your unique product or service

Are you clear about what you actually offer? This article will give you some ideas about how to fine tune what you offer.

Who do you buy from, a smorgasbord-one-stop peddler, or the person who has exactly what you need?

The obvious answer is probably that you will go to the supplier who has exactly what you need. So, what does the person providing you with exactly what you need do? He or she have discovered exactly what you want, where you are and how to reach you. And they have a strong motivation to serve you well...

Have you checked your motivation, and why you want to be in business? And does your business satisfy your own personal and financial needs? Your motivation is key, because if you do not have a solid inner platform, any business venture will fall short of success.The moment you get this solid inner support you are ready to go! And to help you to step out and get ready I will share with you the 5 proven ways to discover your unique product or service:

1. Do you follow your inner yearnings of what you love to provide?

In a heart centered business there is one principal rule! Do what you choose to Love. And stick with that! Commit to it 100%! It will attract the clients that want what you offer. They will know that you love what you do, and the added value of doing business with you will automatically be abundantly shared with them. In fact they also want to be part of this feeling in the same way you feel, that is why they choose you before other people!
In my own case I wanted to have a wide assortment of crystals that I could use in my crystal healing sessions. So I set out to acquire all the stones I thought would work without really analyze what I was doing, but I loved every one of the stones! Then it came to the point that not only did I provide therapeutic service and guidance sessions, I became a crystal dealer by default. In fact people still ask for my list of stones to keep as a reference (it contains about 200 stones).

2.  Let Go of negative Expectations of what you are capable of!

The key is to dive in and be bold! Let yourself open up to what really is going on in your heart, and what you dream of, then you can just say: I love to share what I offer! If you are pestered with negative limitations of Oh, I couldn't do that... think twice and get coaching to get over it. When you are in your heart, what you feel and think will become aligned. As a result: you pay more attention to your inner guidance. In the case you have doubt, or fear take that as a gift to find the right route through your challenges. Start with just one small step forward, and then test your ground!

3. Do the Math at times... evaluate your left brain needs. 

It helps to be organized, and have systems to support that which you love! Schedule left brain days, or time slots where you do filing, organizing and tasks like that. But don't let that drag you down, instead intend for a high frequency of efficiency, skill and speed to surround you.  It is quite OK to delegate cumbersome tasks to professionals such as:
  • accountants
  • web tekkies
  • copy writers
  • personal assistants
  • your mother


4. Test your ideas before you settle on your service/product offer

In order to do this you must clearly define what kind of results you are able to provide. Think of what your clients would  need, or go and ask them. To be successful here you must allow the right side of your brain to work and get outside of your box.  There is no real difference to fine tune your offers as an engineer or as an intuitive healer. Both professionals have their ideal clients, and ideal offers - but the process is the same.

5. Marketing makes the difference: What do you actually sell? 

  • A channeling session, or helpful answers to a client's problem
  • A counseling session, or helping your client to remove grief and doubt
  • An amazing skin oil, or wrinkle relief
  • The latest modality xyz treatment, or simply pain management
  • An eBook and music CD, or a a way to reduce stress
At a gem show, where I had my crystal display, a lady asked me what I sell, and I said:
"You would think it is crystals, but the truth is: I help my clients to open up and connect to their hearts."
It is in the solution to your clients problems that will give you what you want.

Mentoring Suggestions:

If you are starting out fresh: Work with what you are comfortable with and gradually build your business.
If you are on the fence of indecision: Any decision will do, because not moving keeps you stuck where you are right now.
If you are an experienced business entrepreneur: Inspire yourself and open up some new areas that makes your heart sing when you do it. You can also get more clarity about how to manifest your intentions to get the results you want in a my free three part video training.

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Stay Tuned... Blessings, Margherita

Schedule of coming post on this blog:

- How to match your offer to your client's needs, and changing how you market yourself
- Developing your niche, and create a stable revenue stream
- What makes You the best choice for your preferred client? Setting goals for your business.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

How to introduce your business offer to prospective clients

What do you tell someone who asks you what you do for a living? Do you in fact know what it is that you actually serve your clients with?  Being an artist, coach, alternative therapist / healing facilitator you face the critical eye of people in mainstream occupations like x-ray machine operators, bank tellers and small business accountants. They can tell you immediately what they do, and anyone gets it. But what does an energy healer do?

What you think you are doing, might not be what you actually are helping your paying clients with!

An energy healer might say to start: I am an energy healer. Does that inform someone of what you actually do? Not really, unless the person knows you, of course. But even if the person have consulted other energy healers, he or she can’t be sure what your specialty is, and what you do best, or for whom.

You can help your prospective client best by preparing the answer ahead of time. Doing that, you could say for example: I help preschool teachers to relieve stress and muscle pain. Just by focusing on the problems you help your clients to overcome, you open up the door to converting that person on the spot to be a client, without doing any selling. This statement also specifies your exact target group and your answer is very clear. People will understand it. Doing healing work can be presented with less mystery. If there is a match with the person's need, let’s say he is a preschool teacher; he would be quite interested to get further details.
If your business card states creative artist, what does it mean? This depends on where you meet your prospective client. Is it at your gallery? It makes sense. But if you meet her waiting for the bus, she may appreciate a more suitable answer, such as: I make life more beautiful, and help well-to-do clients getting over their depressions faster with inspiring art work. You catch the opportunity to make a relationship with that person right then and there! She probable wants know more: How do you do this? And then you can tell your whole story. No selling required. And if she is a match, meaning she is well-to-do and is depressed occasionally, you might have your next client.

No website needed, no fancy logo, no ads etc. Just a sincere interest to do what you want to do with some added marketing tools. What I am proposing here is to take a look at two things:

  1. What actual problem do you solve?
  2. Who is your ideal client?
When you know the answer to those two questions you have success. Remember that even if you know your art, therapy or modality extremely well, you might not know how to market yourself and your services. These areas are two distinctly different areas of expertise!

Mentoring Suggestions:
Take a moment to discover what you actually help your clients with. Gage that with how happy you are doing it. Meditate on the things that you absolutely love. Then meditate on what you absolutely don’t want. Make two lists. One with the things you love the other one with what you don’t want. Then put them away!

In intuitive business mentoring, I favor the Method of Subconscious Weeding. How to apply it? Let your mind work it out while sleeping on it for 2-3 nights. Then revisit the two lists.You might be surprised, to find that you already addressed or changed some items on the two lists. The more you are conscious of what you provide, the better you can match your offering to your ideal clients. In the next post I will address the 5 proven ways to discover your unique service or product. To not miss any posts in this series, follow me by email: see top of side bar.

Stay tuned... Many Blessings, Margherita
Schedule of topics to come on this blog:
- 5 Proven ways to discover your unique service or product
- How to match your service or product to your client's needs
- Marketing and Business Planning with a unified heart and mind

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Definition of Love as it relates to Business

One reader of my last post asked what I meant with LOVE, he seemed curious to know what love has to do with business. So here is my definition of LOVE:  (check at the bottom of this post for a love gift)

 "Love in this context is a type of energy, which has the quality of being all-embracing and life affirming for a person experiencing it, and it exists as a field. It can be generated, or channeled by our heart, if we have the capacity. It is in the same category, or synonymous with: life force, prana, ki, chi and reiki energy. Such energy is essential for cell growth and healing on several, if not all levels."

Investment of energy at certain levels

The saying “If your heart is not in it, it will not happen” has something to do with what I mean here. When I say: “I love what I do”, it means that I have invested myself not only into the three basic levels of: money, business relationships, and power in my work, but I also invested energy at the level of the heart, in this order:

1.      Money
2.      Relations
3.      Power
4.      Heart

The numbers relate to the corresponding chakra, if you are new to chakras, we can say they are subtle transformer organs managing our various levels of needs. (see also: Maslow's hierarchy of needs - a theory in psychology proposed by Abraham Maslow in his 1943 paper "A Theory of Human Motivation").

The Unified Field

Love is that energy field, which gave birth of our world and all universes. We call that the Unified Field (or the creative intentions of G-D). This love can be seen as a type of high frequency inter-dimensional glue that binds matter, and other subtle energy together into manifest form. When the frequency and intensity decreases or become unfocussed, the manifestation decays and eventually dies, in a constant cycle of birth and death. This is also how businesses dies if no energy is invested in it. The field of love (life force) or aura around a person, or a plant can be photographed with Kirilian Photography.

Love has a Vibration

Love has a vibration, a measurable quality. It is generally accepted that the heart chakra resonates to the note “F” in all octaves. And to balance the heart we sound the note of F, via a singing bowl or other musical instrument. The crystal Rose Quartz also have the ability to balance the heart chakra. 

"When we hold a clear vibration of love with what we do, it is contagious. Other people feel it and want to have a piece of it. That is why, when you put more Love into your work, your offerings becomes increasingly juicier and attractive for others to acquire."

Love as Compassion

Love in an non personal sense is called Compassion, meaning having a high frequency of love void of any attachment or aversion. 

"The rationale for universal compassion is based on the same principle of spiritual democracy. It is the recognition of the fact that every living being has an equal right to and desire for happiness. The true acceptance of the principle of democracy requires that we think and act in terms of the common good. Compassion and universal responsibility require a commitment to personal sacrifice and the neglect of egotistical desires." The Dalai Lama

Etymology of Love

According to Merriam Webster: Love is a noun and comes from: Middle English, from Old English lufu; akin to Old High German lupa love, Old English leof dear, Latin lubere, libere to please, Sanskrit lubhyati he desires.

Thanks for reading this far! As your gift: Down load my intentional image: “New World GemCodes 2013” for Peace and Prosperity. You can choose from desktop or mobile version.

Many Blessings, Margherita.

Schedule of topics to come on this blog:
- How to introduce your business offer to prospective clients
- 5 Proven ways to discover your unique service or product
- How to match your service or product to your client's needs

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

3 Secrets for Successful Businesses

Are you running a small business, or thinking to start a business and feel the pressure of financial demands? Discover the 3 secrets to create success now.

I know how it feels to have a great product or service, but what about getting enough clients to pay the bills...

The main thing is: you must be totally passionate about what your business is about, meaning you have to invest your heart and soul in what you want to do. Having said this some of you might be thinking about the usual stuff such as business plans, and cash flow... Yes, those are important, but what is even more important is how your heart relates to you being in business in the first place, so let’s move on to the first Secret for successful business:

Secret #1: Love is stronger than Money

Love what you provide for others! Way back when I was working for a large American company, I was invited to join as teacher for an evening course in marketing where this story came up:  

A group of friends decided to start a company together, and go big: a fancy office, company cars and cell phones, (which was a rare commodity 30 years ago). They all were geared up to work, but they loved their fancy business image more than the service they would provide for their clients. And as you can imagine they went bankrupt only after a few months...  

You must put your love and creative energy into your art, product or service for that special person who is to receive it! Not only one time but as a continuing relationship that is successful for both you and your client in the long run. That love is beneficial and multiplies the revenue for you, as well as helping your client. This way you invest in yourself better. You must in fact love the transformation you provide for your client, rather than getting hooked on the fear for your monetary return.   

Tune in with the real needs of your clients! The more ego you put out, the less business you get, but the more you are aware of the real needs of your prospective recipient the more success you will have in making the business happen. When there is a total match of a person’s needs with what you offer - You have a client. The result of a genuine service or product transaction is that you get referrals already after your first client. Selling then becomes less important as your client’s satisfaction does it for you.

Secret #2: You know your clients already!

You must be bold enough to ask. To build your business, begin by talking with your neighbor. Your clients can be friends, neighbors and the person you meet in the grocery store. 

For therapeutic arts: Your child's grade school teacher complains about her back pain, and you take that opportunity to offer her a free session. If she is satisfied, she will come back and certainly refer you to her colleagues. Start building such relationships with the people you already have contact with.

For creative arts: A shopper you see frequently in your favorite food store says: hi and how are you. Thank her for asking, and have some free samples of your art with an instruction of how she can use it to feel more inspired etc. She will be back for more for her friends, if there is a match with her needs. How to match your service or product to your client's needs, will be the topic for a future post.

Secret #3: Without ground - You won't stand the storm

Start small with a strong base: Ease into your business by testing your ground. Check out what you want to do in a small scale first. Allow yourself to make some mistakes. You will make mistakes anyway, so why not learn right now when there isn't too much at stake.

My first business in the early nineties was as a private designer to well-dressed ladies and wedding parties. I loved to create all kinds of art including clothing so I began to create outfits for some clients, it went well, but I got to experience in a secure way about what one should do and not do. For example: delivering on time. I would never have anything ready due to my inner issues at the time, but thanks to the financial support of my husband I was able to make my transition to sustainability faster. And quite soon I was booked every day, just by the referrals I got for my work. 

Mentoring Suggestions:

If you are employed: It is best to stay employed until you feel you have created a strong base to support you. Can 2-3 clients a week support you? If they can, go ahead and prepare to go full or part time with your own successful business.

You already have a business:  Investigate your own motivation why you are in this business. Your true motivation will tell you how much it is based on fear or on love. For example: I love my business but my clients are not paying me what I am worth. If this is the case, you might benefit by exploring how your self worth affect your business returns. When you discover and release that problem you will be better able to ask for what you want, and receive the returns you want every time. Learn more about Business Mentoring here: What can Business Mentoring do for Me?

If you are unemployed:  Become self-employed! While looking for work, you might also explore getting your own clients. Anyone has a skill that someone is in need of. Try to discover what your special skill is and offer it. You have absolutely nothing to loose!

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Stay tuned... Many Blessings, Margherita

Schedule of topics to come on this blog:
- How to introduce your business offer to prospective clients
- 5 Proven ways to discover your unique service or product
- How to match your service or product to your client's needs