Wednesday, December 19, 2012

3 Secrets for Successful Businesses

Are you running a small business, or thinking to start a business and feel the pressure of financial demands? Discover the 3 secrets to create success now.

I know how it feels to have a great product or service, but what about getting enough clients to pay the bills...

The main thing is: you must be totally passionate about what your business is about, meaning you have to invest your heart and soul in what you want to do. Having said this some of you might be thinking about the usual stuff such as business plans, and cash flow... Yes, those are important, but what is even more important is how your heart relates to you being in business in the first place, so let’s move on to the first Secret for successful business:

Secret #1: Love is stronger than Money

Love what you provide for others! Way back when I was working for a large American company, I was invited to join as teacher for an evening course in marketing where this story came up:  

A group of friends decided to start a company together, and go big: a fancy office, company cars and cell phones, (which was a rare commodity 30 years ago). They all were geared up to work, but they loved their fancy business image more than the service they would provide for their clients. And as you can imagine they went bankrupt only after a few months...  

You must put your love and creative energy into your art, product or service for that special person who is to receive it! Not only one time but as a continuing relationship that is successful for both you and your client in the long run. That love is beneficial and multiplies the revenue for you, as well as helping your client. This way you invest in yourself better. You must in fact love the transformation you provide for your client, rather than getting hooked on the fear for your monetary return.   

Tune in with the real needs of your clients! The more ego you put out, the less business you get, but the more you are aware of the real needs of your prospective recipient the more success you will have in making the business happen. When there is a total match of a person’s needs with what you offer - You have a client. The result of a genuine service or product transaction is that you get referrals already after your first client. Selling then becomes less important as your client’s satisfaction does it for you.

Secret #2: You know your clients already!

You must be bold enough to ask. To build your business, begin by talking with your neighbor. Your clients can be friends, neighbors and the person you meet in the grocery store. 

For therapeutic arts: Your child's grade school teacher complains about her back pain, and you take that opportunity to offer her a free session. If she is satisfied, she will come back and certainly refer you to her colleagues. Start building such relationships with the people you already have contact with.

For creative arts: A shopper you see frequently in your favorite food store says: hi and how are you. Thank her for asking, and have some free samples of your art with an instruction of how she can use it to feel more inspired etc. She will be back for more for her friends, if there is a match with her needs. How to match your service or product to your client's needs, will be the topic for a future post.

Secret #3: Without ground - You won't stand the storm

Start small with a strong base: Ease into your business by testing your ground. Check out what you want to do in a small scale first. Allow yourself to make some mistakes. You will make mistakes anyway, so why not learn right now when there isn't too much at stake.

My first business in the early nineties was as a private designer to well-dressed ladies and wedding parties. I loved to create all kinds of art including clothing so I began to create outfits for some clients, it went well, but I got to experience in a secure way about what one should do and not do. For example: delivering on time. I would never have anything ready due to my inner issues at the time, but thanks to the financial support of my husband I was able to make my transition to sustainability faster. And quite soon I was booked every day, just by the referrals I got for my work. 

Mentoring Suggestions:

If you are employed: It is best to stay employed until you feel you have created a strong base to support you. Can 2-3 clients a week support you? If they can, go ahead and prepare to go full or part time with your own successful business.

You already have a business:  Investigate your own motivation why you are in this business. Your true motivation will tell you how much it is based on fear or on love. For example: I love my business but my clients are not paying me what I am worth. If this is the case, you might benefit by exploring how your self worth affect your business returns. When you discover and release that problem you will be better able to ask for what you want, and receive the returns you want every time. Learn more about Business Mentoring here: What can Business Mentoring do for Me?

If you are unemployed:  Become self-employed! While looking for work, you might also explore getting your own clients. Anyone has a skill that someone is in need of. Try to discover what your special skill is and offer it. You have absolutely nothing to loose!

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Stay tuned... Many Blessings, Margherita

Schedule of topics to come on this blog:
- How to introduce your business offer to prospective clients
- 5 Proven ways to discover your unique service or product
- How to match your service or product to your client's needs

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