Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Apply the 5 proven ways to discover your unique product or service

Are you clear about what you actually offer? This article will give you some ideas about how to fine tune what you offer.

Who do you buy from, a smorgasbord-one-stop peddler, or the person who has exactly what you need?

The obvious answer is probably that you will go to the supplier who has exactly what you need. So, what does the person providing you with exactly what you need do? He or she have discovered exactly what you want, where you are and how to reach you. And they have a strong motivation to serve you well...

Have you checked your motivation, and why you want to be in business? And does your business satisfy your own personal and financial needs? Your motivation is key, because if you do not have a solid inner platform, any business venture will fall short of success.The moment you get this solid inner support you are ready to go! And to help you to step out and get ready I will share with you the 5 proven ways to discover your unique product or service:

1. Do you follow your inner yearnings of what you love to provide?

In a heart centered business there is one principal rule! Do what you choose to Love. And stick with that! Commit to it 100%! It will attract the clients that want what you offer. They will know that you love what you do, and the added value of doing business with you will automatically be abundantly shared with them. In fact they also want to be part of this feeling in the same way you feel, that is why they choose you before other people!
In my own case I wanted to have a wide assortment of crystals that I could use in my crystal healing sessions. So I set out to acquire all the stones I thought would work without really analyze what I was doing, but I loved every one of the stones! Then it came to the point that not only did I provide therapeutic service and guidance sessions, I became a crystal dealer by default. In fact people still ask for my list of stones to keep as a reference (it contains about 200 stones).

2.  Let Go of negative Expectations of what you are capable of!

The key is to dive in and be bold! Let yourself open up to what really is going on in your heart, and what you dream of, then you can just say: I love to share what I offer! If you are pestered with negative limitations of Oh, I couldn't do that... think twice and get coaching to get over it. When you are in your heart, what you feel and think will become aligned. As a result: you pay more attention to your inner guidance. In the case you have doubt, or fear take that as a gift to find the right route through your challenges. Start with just one small step forward, and then test your ground!

3. Do the Math at times... evaluate your left brain needs. 

It helps to be organized, and have systems to support that which you love! Schedule left brain days, or time slots where you do filing, organizing and tasks like that. But don't let that drag you down, instead intend for a high frequency of efficiency, skill and speed to surround you.  It is quite OK to delegate cumbersome tasks to professionals such as:
  • accountants
  • web tekkies
  • copy writers
  • personal assistants
  • your mother


4. Test your ideas before you settle on your service/product offer

In order to do this you must clearly define what kind of results you are able to provide. Think of what your clients would  need, or go and ask them. To be successful here you must allow the right side of your brain to work and get outside of your box.  There is no real difference to fine tune your offers as an engineer or as an intuitive healer. Both professionals have their ideal clients, and ideal offers - but the process is the same.

5. Marketing makes the difference: What do you actually sell? 

  • A channeling session, or helpful answers to a client's problem
  • A counseling session, or helping your client to remove grief and doubt
  • An amazing skin oil, or wrinkle relief
  • The latest modality xyz treatment, or simply pain management
  • An eBook and music CD, or a a way to reduce stress
At a gem show, where I had my crystal display, a lady asked me what I sell, and I said:
"You would think it is crystals, but the truth is: I help my clients to open up and connect to their hearts."
It is in the solution to your clients problems that will give you what you want.

Mentoring Suggestions:

If you are starting out fresh: Work with what you are comfortable with and gradually build your business.
If you are on the fence of indecision: Any decision will do, because not moving keeps you stuck where you are right now.
If you are an experienced business entrepreneur: Inspire yourself and open up some new areas that makes your heart sing when you do it. You can also get more clarity about how to manifest your intentions to get the results you want in a my free three part video training.

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Stay Tuned... Blessings, Margherita

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