Saturday, January 5, 2013

How to introduce your business offer to prospective clients

What do you tell someone who asks you what you do for a living? Do you in fact know what it is that you actually serve your clients with?  Being an artist, coach, alternative therapist / healing facilitator you face the critical eye of people in mainstream occupations like x-ray machine operators, bank tellers and small business accountants. They can tell you immediately what they do, and anyone gets it. But what does an energy healer do?

What you think you are doing, might not be what you actually are helping your paying clients with!

An energy healer might say to start: I am an energy healer. Does that inform someone of what you actually do? Not really, unless the person knows you, of course. But even if the person have consulted other energy healers, he or she can’t be sure what your specialty is, and what you do best, or for whom.

You can help your prospective client best by preparing the answer ahead of time. Doing that, you could say for example: I help preschool teachers to relieve stress and muscle pain. Just by focusing on the problems you help your clients to overcome, you open up the door to converting that person on the spot to be a client, without doing any selling. This statement also specifies your exact target group and your answer is very clear. People will understand it. Doing healing work can be presented with less mystery. If there is a match with the person's need, let’s say he is a preschool teacher; he would be quite interested to get further details.
If your business card states creative artist, what does it mean? This depends on where you meet your prospective client. Is it at your gallery? It makes sense. But if you meet her waiting for the bus, she may appreciate a more suitable answer, such as: I make life more beautiful, and help well-to-do clients getting over their depressions faster with inspiring art work. You catch the opportunity to make a relationship with that person right then and there! She probable wants know more: How do you do this? And then you can tell your whole story. No selling required. And if she is a match, meaning she is well-to-do and is depressed occasionally, you might have your next client.

No website needed, no fancy logo, no ads etc. Just a sincere interest to do what you want to do with some added marketing tools. What I am proposing here is to take a look at two things:

  1. What actual problem do you solve?
  2. Who is your ideal client?
When you know the answer to those two questions you have success. Remember that even if you know your art, therapy or modality extremely well, you might not know how to market yourself and your services. These areas are two distinctly different areas of expertise!

Mentoring Suggestions:
Take a moment to discover what you actually help your clients with. Gage that with how happy you are doing it. Meditate on the things that you absolutely love. Then meditate on what you absolutely don’t want. Make two lists. One with the things you love the other one with what you don’t want. Then put them away!

In intuitive business mentoring, I favor the Method of Subconscious Weeding. How to apply it? Let your mind work it out while sleeping on it for 2-3 nights. Then revisit the two lists.You might be surprised, to find that you already addressed or changed some items on the two lists. The more you are conscious of what you provide, the better you can match your offering to your ideal clients. In the next post I will address the 5 proven ways to discover your unique service or product. To not miss any posts in this series, follow me by email: see top of side bar.

Stay tuned... Many Blessings, Margherita
Schedule of topics to come on this blog:
- 5 Proven ways to discover your unique service or product
- How to match your service or product to your client's needs
- Marketing and Business Planning with a unified heart and mind

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