Sunday, December 23, 2012

Definition of Love as it relates to Business

One reader of my last post asked what I meant with LOVE, he seemed curious to know what love has to do with business. So here is my definition of LOVE:  (check at the bottom of this post for a love gift)

 "Love in this context is a type of energy, which has the quality of being all-embracing and life affirming for a person experiencing it, and it exists as a field. It can be generated, or channeled by our heart, if we have the capacity. It is in the same category, or synonymous with: life force, prana, ki, chi and reiki energy. Such energy is essential for cell growth and healing on several, if not all levels."

Investment of energy at certain levels

The saying “If your heart is not in it, it will not happen” has something to do with what I mean here. When I say: “I love what I do”, it means that I have invested myself not only into the three basic levels of: money, business relationships, and power in my work, but I also invested energy at the level of the heart, in this order:

1.      Money
2.      Relations
3.      Power
4.      Heart

The numbers relate to the corresponding chakra, if you are new to chakras, we can say they are subtle transformer organs managing our various levels of needs. (see also: Maslow's hierarchy of needs - a theory in psychology proposed by Abraham Maslow in his 1943 paper "A Theory of Human Motivation").

The Unified Field

Love is that energy field, which gave birth of our world and all universes. We call that the Unified Field (or the creative intentions of G-D). This love can be seen as a type of high frequency inter-dimensional glue that binds matter, and other subtle energy together into manifest form. When the frequency and intensity decreases or become unfocussed, the manifestation decays and eventually dies, in a constant cycle of birth and death. This is also how businesses dies if no energy is invested in it. The field of love (life force) or aura around a person, or a plant can be photographed with Kirilian Photography.

Love has a Vibration

Love has a vibration, a measurable quality. It is generally accepted that the heart chakra resonates to the note “F” in all octaves. And to balance the heart we sound the note of F, via a singing bowl or other musical instrument. The crystal Rose Quartz also have the ability to balance the heart chakra. 

"When we hold a clear vibration of love with what we do, it is contagious. Other people feel it and want to have a piece of it. That is why, when you put more Love into your work, your offerings becomes increasingly juicier and attractive for others to acquire."

Love as Compassion

Love in an non personal sense is called Compassion, meaning having a high frequency of love void of any attachment or aversion. 

"The rationale for universal compassion is based on the same principle of spiritual democracy. It is the recognition of the fact that every living being has an equal right to and desire for happiness. The true acceptance of the principle of democracy requires that we think and act in terms of the common good. Compassion and universal responsibility require a commitment to personal sacrifice and the neglect of egotistical desires." The Dalai Lama

Etymology of Love

According to Merriam Webster: Love is a noun and comes from: Middle English, from Old English lufu; akin to Old High German lupa love, Old English leof dear, Latin lubere, libere to please, Sanskrit lubhyati he desires.

Thanks for reading this far! As your gift: Down load my intentional image: “New World GemCodes 2013” for Peace and Prosperity. You can choose from desktop or mobile version.

Many Blessings, Margherita.

Schedule of topics to come on this blog:
- How to introduce your business offer to prospective clients
- 5 Proven ways to discover your unique service or product
- How to match your service or product to your client's needs

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